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Donor Egg IVF

What is Donor Egg IVF?

Donor Egg IVF is a fertility treatment that involves using eggs donated by a healthy, young person (the egg donor). These eggs are fertilized with sperm, either from the intended parent or a sperm donor, and then transferred into the uterus of the intended parent or a gestational carrier. It's a highly successful method that provides many individuals and couples a successful path to parenthood.

Who Are Our Egg Donors?

At Pinnacle Fertility, we work with many donor egg programs to offer our intended parents a diverse selection of egg donors, all of whom are young, fertile, and meticulously screened for the top genetic diseases. We work with both frozen and fresh donor egg options with accessible and affordable pricing.

Choosing Your Donor

Selecting the right egg donor is a crucial step. Intended parents should consider both medical and genetic history, and also contemplate personal and emotional aspects, such as the donor's physical traits and interests. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through this unique process.

Pre-Donor Egg IVF Considerations

Before starting Donor Egg IVF, some important considerations include medical testing, sperm-related preparations, and financial planning. Donor Egg IVF is typically not covered by insurance, but we partner with financing providers plans to assist you.

Who is Donor Egg IVF Treatment Ideal For?

Couples Facing Infertility

Donor egg IVF serves as a promising solution for couples experiencing infertility due to various factors, including advanced maternal age, poor egg quality, or unexplained fertility issues.

Gay Men Couples

For gay male couples wishing to become parents, donor eggs combined with a gestational carrier (surrogate) provide a way to have a child genetically related to one of the men.

Single Individuals

Donor egg IVF provides a pathway to parenthood for single fathers, offering the opportunity to have a child with the help of a gestational carrier.

Donor Egg IVF Success Rates

The success rate of in vitro fertilization (IVF) using donor eggs is generally higher than traditional IVF procedures using a woman's own eggs, especially in cases where the woman's age or egg quality is a factor. Statistically, the success rates for donor egg IVF have been quite favorable, with an average live birth rate per donor egg IVF cycle often reported to be between 40% to 50%, and in some cases, even higher.

Pinnacle Egg Bank, Our Preferred Partner

Pinnacle Egg Bank opens the doors for hopeful parents, granting them access to a vast array of frozen donor eggs that are not only top-notch but also affordable and easily accessible. Their comprehensive and rigorous selection process guarantees a diverse pool of egg donors, spanning various ethnicities and boasting exceptional qualities. This commitment to diversity and quality ensures optimal results for patients on their path to parenthood. Count on Pinnacle Egg Bank as your unwavering companion in the journey to becoming parents.

The Donor Egg IVF Process


Your journey begins with a consultation. Afterward, our donor team will follow up with you to initiate the process.

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Donor Coordinator

Our donor coordinator will provide you with essential information and guide you throughout the process.

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Narrowing It Down

You can start selecting your donor from our portal based on criteria like physical characteristics, heritage, and preferences.

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Your Decision

You can choose to match with an available donor, use frozen eggs, or wait for a donor with a waitlist.

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Our team will support you at every step of your treatment.

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Using Donor Eggs FAQ

Real Stories, Real Success: Our Patients Speak

Jesus C.

We can't thank you all enough for making our IVF journey such a positive experience. Your team's expertise and warmth meant the world to us. You made our dreams come true, and we're forever thankful.

California Fertility Partners
Los Angeles, CA
Krista B.

THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I absolutely love this clinic and everyone who works here! Being a lesbian couple, we were nervous trying to find a fertility clinic for us.. they made us feel so comfortable right away! They are so caring and sweet! I definitely recommend this place!! && Dr. Z is the man!! Nicest doctor I have ever met! I would give them a 100 stars if I could!

Advanced Fertility Care
Scottsdale, AZ
Patrick P.

Thanks to Dr. Dudley, we achieved a successful pregnancy, a dream that once seemed unattainable. His expertise and empathy made him not just a doctor but a beacon of hope in our most challenging times. We are profoundly grateful to Dr. Dudley and highly recommend him to any couple facing fertility issues!

Pinnacle Fertility
Atlanta, GA
Lee B.

We've worked with RGI twice now, and have had an excellent experience both times. Dr. Maseelall and her team have been amazing to work with. This time around, we were introduced to the "navigators" who essentially act as a liaison between us and the doctors, which was a change from the last time we were there. We found having access to a dedicated resource - even by text message - was a huge plus.

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility
Akron, OH

I highly recommend Dr. Dudley! He is one of the only doctors who explained things clearly, realistically, and positively. His bedside manner is outstanding. A defining moment (without disclosing my medical history) was when I explained something to him and he responded with "I believe in a women's intuition." He believed me, ran a quick test, and pivoted the plan. I can't recommend him enough.

Pinnacle Fertility
Atlanta, GA
Diana M.

My husband I went to Dominion after struggling with some fertility issues and multiple miscarriages. We couldn't have made a better choice! You can tell that the staff really care about their patients and make you feel at ease. At the beginning of the process, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed, but the doctors were understanding and great at explaining each step to us along the way. We now have a healthy baby boy and we could not be more happy and grateful to Dominion Fertility!!

Dominion Fertility
Arlington, VA

We partner with various financing providers to offer fertility financing options. Learn more here

The credit requirements for financing fertility treatment can vary depending on the lending institution and the specific financing program. Some lenders offer fertility treatment financing with relatively lenient credit requirements, while others may require a higher credit score and a strong credit history. It's advisable to research different financing options, compare their credit requirements, and choose one that aligns with your financial situation and credit profile.

Yes, there are potential risks associated with egg donor IVF, including ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which can occur in the egg donor. The recipient may also face risks associated with the IVF procedure itself, such as multiple pregnancies or ectopic pregnancies. It's essential for both the donor and recipient to thoroughly discuss these risks with their healthcare providers before proceeding with egg donor IVF.

When doing IVF with an egg donor, a healthy lifestyle is always important when starting IVF of any kind. Exercise and a nutritious diet are both important. Your provider will also recommend you begin taking a daily prenatal vitamin before conception. Lastly, stress-reducing activities like meditation, yoga, or acupuncture are also a good idea as less stress is better for your overall health.

Donor egg IVF typically takes around 4-6 weeks. This includes the time needed for the egg retrieval process from the donor, fertilization, embryo culture, and embryo transfer to the recipient. However, specific timelines may vary depending on individual circumstances and protocols.

Donor Egg IVF is designed for those who are unable to provide their own eggs for fertilization. When you use Donor Egg IVF through Pinnacle Fertility, eggs from a thoroughly vetted donor can be used for IVF. The IVF process will remain the same as in any other case, however instead of your own eggs, the donor eggs will be combined with sperm to create embryos.

IVF success rates using donor eggs are quite high, which is encouraging since 12% of IVF patients use them for the embryo transfer. You can read more about IVF success rates here.

Yes. Our team can help you coordinate details including the transfer of frozen eggs/sperm or frozen embryos from another clinic.

All IVF appointments at Pinnacle Fertility are outpatient procedures, meaning you never have to stay overnight at our clinic.