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Navigating Insurance Coverage for Fertility Care

Understanding Your Fertility Care Insurance Options

Navigating insurance coverage for fertility care can be a complex and often stressful process. Our team is here to provide you with valuable information on how to make the most of your insurance benefits when seeking fertility treatment at Pinnacle Fertility clinics.

Insurances We Accept

Pinnacle Fertility has clinics located across the United States. To find out which insurance plans are accepted at the specific clinic within the Pinnacle Fertility network near you, please use our interactive location selector below:

Empower your fertility journey by connecting with your insurance provider; get informed and ready with these essential questions to guide your coverage conversation.

Understanding State Mandates and Regulations

It's essential to be aware that insurance coverage for fertility care can vary from state to state due to mandates and regulations. Some states have mandated insurance coverage for fertility treatments, while others may have limited coverage. Before you proceed, it's crucial to understand your state's specific regulations regarding fertility care insurance coverage. You can check your state's mandates on fertility coverage using Resolve’s Insurance Coverage by State resource.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

To ensure you have a clear understanding of your insurance coverage for fertility care, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider and asking the following questions:

Determine if your insurance plan includes coverage for fertility evaluation, diagnostic testing, and treatments.

Inquire about which fertility treatments are covered, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or fertility medications.

Understand if there are any restrictions on the number of treatment cycles, age limits, or other limitations.

Request information about copayments, deductibles, and any other out-of-pocket expenses associated with fertility care.

Determine if your insurance plan requires a referral from a primary care physician or pre-authorization for fertility treatments.

Learn how to submit claims for fertility treatments and the required documentation.

Financial Counseling and Assistance

Pinnacle Fertility is committed to helping you navigate the financial aspect of fertility care. Our clinics offer financial counseling to help you understand your options for managing treatment costs. Please inquire with your chosen clinic for more information on available resources.

Fertility Financing Providers

Explore our fertility financing options designed to complement your insurance plan and make fertility treatments more accessible. We've established strategic partnerships with leading financial institutions to offer tailored solutions that bridge the gap between insurance coverage and your family-building goals.

Insurance & Fertility Treatment FAQ

Specific information about which insurance companies provide fertility coverage can vary by location and insurance plan. To find out which insurance companies offer fertility coverage, we recommend contacting insurance providers directly or visiting their websites to review their policies and coverage options.

Yes, we are proud to partner with financing partners to help families manage the cost of fertility treatments. You can read more about our financing options here.

You’ll need to have either fertility insurance or fertility benefits as part of your existing health insurance plan. Or, if you have neither, but would like your IVF covered by insurance, you should shop around for fertility coverage before beginning your treatment. If you have any questions about your current coverage or other coverage options, contact your insurance provider directly.

If you have any questions about what fertility benefits your current coverage includes you should contact your insurance provider directly.

For any questions about specific costs please feel free to contact our team to schedule a consultation.

Real Stories, Real Success: Our Patients Speak

Jesus C.

We can't thank you all enough for making our IVF journey such a positive experience. Your team's expertise and warmth meant the world to us. You made our dreams come true, and we're forever thankful.

California Fertility Partners
Los Angeles, CA
Krista B.

THEY ARE AMAZING!!! I absolutely love this clinic and everyone who works here! Being a lesbian couple, we were nervous trying to find a fertility clinic for us.. they made us feel so comfortable right away! They are so caring and sweet! I definitely recommend this place!! && Dr. Z is the man!! Nicest doctor I have ever met! I would give them a 100 stars if I could!

Advanced Fertility Care
Scottsdale, AZ
Patrick P.

Thanks to Dr. Dudley, we achieved a successful pregnancy, a dream that once seemed unattainable. His expertise and empathy made him not just a doctor but a beacon of hope in our most challenging times. We are profoundly grateful to Dr. Dudley and highly recommend him to any couple facing fertility issues!

Pinnacle Fertility
Atlanta, GA
Lee B.

We've worked with RGI twice now, and have had an excellent experience both times. Dr. Maseelall and her team have been amazing to work with. This time around, we were introduced to the "navigators" who essentially act as a liaison between us and the doctors, which was a change from the last time we were there. We found having access to a dedicated resource - even by text message - was a huge plus.

Reproductive Gynecology & Infertility
Akron, OH

I highly recommend Dr. Dudley! He is one of the only doctors who explained things clearly, realistically, and positively. His bedside manner is outstanding. A defining moment (without disclosing my medical history) was when I explained something to him and he responded with "I believe in a women's intuition." He believed me, ran a quick test, and pivoted the plan. I can't recommend him enough.

Pinnacle Fertility
Atlanta, GA
Diana M.

My husband I went to Dominion after struggling with some fertility issues and multiple miscarriages. We couldn't have made a better choice! You can tell that the staff really care about their patients and make you feel at ease. At the beginning of the process, we were feeling a bit overwhelmed, but the doctors were understanding and great at explaining each step to us along the way. We now have a healthy baby boy and we could not be more happy and grateful to Dominion Fertility!!

Dominion Fertility
Arlington, VA