Hear from ORM Fertility team members on their journey joining the Pinnacle network.

Since 1989, ORM Fertility based in the Pacific Northwest has established itself as a world-renowned fertility center, known for its cutting-edge IVF technology, advanced genetic screenings, and pioneering treatments like safe surrogacy. With a legacy of unmatched expertise, exceptional success rates, and a bespoke patient experience, ORM was struggling to keep providing their high-level of care while managing a sustainable fertility practice.

Discover how becoming part of the Pinnacle Fertility network has further empowered ORM to focus even more intently on their core mission: delivering personalized and compassionate patient care. Explore the enhancements and innovations introduced to further solidify ORM's position as a global leader in fertility care.

Explore Deep Dives on ORM's Advancements Since Joining the Pinnacle Fertility Network

Enhanced Efficiency

Before integrating with the Pinnacle Network, ORM's teams often worked late, leading to decreased morale. Post-transition, significant restructuring, and introduction of the navigator model streamlined processes, ensuring staff wellness and an energized approach to patient care.

A Spirit of Open Collaboration

The previous constraints of siloed operations have been replaced with an open channel of communication within the Pinnacle Network. This change has ushered in a new age of shared knowledge, best practices, and collaboration that was previously hindered by proprietary information. This collaborative approach, devoid of competition, ensures patients receive the best possible care, even if they relocate.

Return to High-Touch Care

ORM's rapid growth presented challenges in maintaining the personalized care it was renowned for. Joining the Pinnacle Network equipped ORM with tools and structures to re-emphasize the high-touch care that patients seek and deserve.

Data-Driven Approach

The incorporation of new data collection methods has allowed ORM to connect more meaningfully with patients, optimizing staff productivity and improving patient experiences.

Sustained Quality in a Changing World

While the world and the realm of healthcare rapidly evolve, the alliance with the Pinnacle Network ensures ORM remains at the forefront of innovation and efficiency. This partnership ensures that ORM can focus on its core mission of helping individuals and couples build families, confident that the broader structural and innovative aspects are being handled at the pinnacle level.

All those things that happen behind the scenes have been able to be greatly improved since joining Pinnacle.
Pinnacle's influence allows us a great sense of support to really provide a better complete overall level of care to the patient.
We needed ideas for how to support growth. And we needed access to more technology.
Being part of the Pinnacle Fertility Network makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger, all headed in the same direction.
Being part of the Pinnacle Fertility Network makes you feel like you're a part of something bigger, all headed in the same direction.

Physicians from ORM Fertility Share their Experiences and Commitment to Patient Care

“As the world changes, we couldn't do this on our own. It's too busy. There's too many changes all at once. And so we're glad to have collaboration and connection to a larger organization so that we can go about our daily business of helping people have their families, but realize that all of the other things about creating a modern company that is able to, you know, be efficient and innovative at the same time, that those things are happening at the pinnacle level, while we at the individual level improve the everyday care that we give with every appointment and every ultrasound for our patients.”

Dr.  Brandon J. Bankowski
Reproductive Endocrinologist

"ORM's grown rapidly over the last 10 years, and with growth comes challenges to processes within the complex teams. We've been struggling to maintain a level of personalized care that we were known for in the IVF community. Joining the Pinnacle Network has given our clinical teams tools to return to the high-touch care that our patients expect."

– Dr. Alison Coates
Embryology Lab Director

"As a physician within the Pinnacle Fertility Network, I collaborate with several other physicians who are also in the network, and it has been a really nice resource for collaboration and sharing of information and advice on challenging patients and suggestions of which direction to go in next for a future cycle. And I really think it has improved the quality of care that I can provide to my patients."

– Dr. Jillian Kurtz
Reproductive Endocrinologist