Accessible Payment options for Fertility Treatment

Fertility Financing Options

Choose the Right Fertility Financing Plan

At Pinnacle Fertility, we are dedicated to fulfilling dreams by building families. We understand that managing the costs of fertility treatments is a significant concern for many. To address this, we have created our own Pinnacle Pathways Payment Plan and established partnerships with reputable financing providers to offer various financial solutions. These options include flexible payment plans, specialized loans, and lines of credit designed to make fertility treatments more attainable for those we serve.

Our Preferred Payment Solution

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Pinnacle Pathways Payment Plan

Pinnacle Fertility is committed to supporting your path to parenthood by providing financially accessible solutions. Our Pinnacle Fertility Payment Plans program offers interest-free payment terms for both fertility treatment and egg freezing services.

This initiative is specifically tailored to ease the financial investment of IVF or egg-freezing procedures by extending payment periods, thereby covering a substantial part of the treatment costs. We strive to deliver flexible payment options that alleviate the stress of upfront expenses, allowing you to concentrate on building your family.

  • Benefits of Pinnacle Payment Plan:
  • No interest!
  • No credit checks or pre-approval necessary.  
  • Easy monthly payments
  • Dedicated finance support team  

**Only available to Pinnacle Fertility (Manhattan and Atlanta) and Dominion Fertility patients.

Our Partner Financing Providers

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Future Family

Future Family offers comprehensive financing plans that provide coverage for all aspects of fertility treatments, including IVF and egg freezing. Our financing solutions feature low APR loans and are customized with benefits and expert support to meet your individual requirements effectively.

Benefits of Future Family:

  • Comprehensive coverage that encompasses cycle expenses, physician fees, surgical center charges, anesthesia, genetic testing, medications, as well as costs associated with egg or sperm donors and surrogacy.
  • Simplified payment solution that consolidates both medical and pharmacy expenses into a single payment for convenience.
  • Efficient bill payment management services to streamline the financial aspects of your treatment.
  • Low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) financing available for qualifying patients.
  • Additional assistance provided by experienced fertility coaches for guidance and support.
  • Inclusive options available through the Friends and Family Plan to extend financial support networks.
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CapexMD is dedicated to specialized patient financing services for all fertility treatment modalities. Our streamlined loan process coupled with competitive interest rates ensures that finances do not become a barrier to your aspiration of family building. We provide a diverse array of loan options to facilitate affordable access to necessary treatments. Tailored to align with your personal circumstances, our loan programs are crafted to suit individual needs. Upon approval, our team of Fertility Loan Specialists collaborates directly with our partner fertility centers to secure the funding in a timely manner.

Benefits of CapexMD:

  • Expertise in Fertility Financing Solutions
  • Commitment to Personalized Service
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Simple and Secure Online Loan Application
  • Quick Approval Process, typically within 24 hours
  • Adjustable Loan Terms for Flexibility
  • Online loan payment calculator
  • Strictest Standards of Privacy
  • Absence of Annual Fees
  • Freedom from Prepayment Penalties
  • Ability to Preserve Existing Lines of Credit